FLOW-BOX™ Powered Flow Hood Converter

Sierra Building Science, Inc.

$ 799.00

Flow-Box™ Powered Flow Hood Converter turns your Retrotec or Energy Conservatory blower door fan into a powered flow hood.  It can also be used to easily measure total system fan flow using the plenum pressure matching method.  Ideal for HERS Raters, HVAC technicians, and Building performance professionals who need to measure total system fan flow of HVAC systems up to 5000 cfm.  Designed to fit easily over the vast majority of standard return grilles.

Includes two 12' aluminum ZipWall™ spring-loaded poles unless you order "WITHOUT ZipWall™ Poles" in which case you must have your own ZipWall™ poles (10' steel, 12' aluminum or 20'aluminum).  No other type of extension pole will work. (blower door fan and manometer not included)

Shipping will be charged separately based on the size and weight of the order.