Flow-Box™ Powered Flow Hood Converter


Retrotec Blower Door Fans have been approved by the California Energy Commission for air flow measurement as of May 5, 2015!  Click HERE to see all of the approved devices.
Click HERE to download their Residential Blower Door and Gauge Testing Manualwhich includes instructions for using their fan with the Flow-Box.
Note: To use a blower door fan as a powered flow hood or for plenum pressure matching method for Title-24 Energy Code verification purposes the fan must be certified by the CA Energy Commission.  As yet, Energy Conservatory has not this, but have indicated that they intend to.  Please let them know that you would like to use their blower door fans for this purpose by sending them an e-mail.
Flow-Box is manufactured and distributed by Sierra Building Science, Inc., a training and consulting firm based in Elk Grove, CA, that specializes in topics related to residential HVAC and energy.
The owner, Russell King, M.E. is a licensed mechanical engineer with over 25 year of experience in the areas of HVAC design, energy codes, home energy rating systems and building science.  He has taught numerous professional level classes on all of these topics.
Sierra Building Science, Inc. also manufactures and distributes Duc-Bloc™ register-sealing devices used for duct leakage testing.
The following video shows Flow-Box™ in action.

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